16 Questions To Build Your Customer Avatar For Your Startup

Customer Avatar Marketing Worksheet
February 9, 2021

So, you’ve got a big idea for an online business, and you’re planning to conduct market research to approach.

Where to start? How do you identify your potential customer?

That’s what we’ll tackle in this article, where we’ll analyze together the steps to follow to make a detailed description of the ideal customer, the customer avatar.

A customer avatar can be defined as a person who embodies your perfect or ideal customer. They are the person who you are creating your business, your content, your services and your products for.

Your ideal customer is somebody you really want to sell to.

Do you need to create a customer avatar but are not sure where to start? Then, you’re in the right place. These 16 customer avatar questions will give you a perfect start in shaping your avatar as your ideal customer profile.

These 16 questions are structured in 4 steps in a way that will help you to discover how to target, engage and convert your avatars into real customers.

When answering these questions, you really need to step into your avatar profile shoes and really think about how THEY would answer them.

I advise you to give them a name, a job, an address, describe their family (partner and kids), if any. This will help you visualize the person to be able to give precise answers to the questions.

As you progress through the questions, you’ll find that to answer them, you need to dig deep into your avatar’s character and personality.

Remember, your avatar needs to be based on a single person, not a group of people, so your answers should be precise.

So let’s start.


Step 1. Your Customer’s Nightmare and their Minds

Building powerful emotional connections and rapport with your leads is key.

Uncovering and understanding what is happening inside their mind is vital to help you identify how you can support and help them move forward.

Establishing both their worst-case scenario and dream scenario will help you build a complete picture of your avatar.

What keeps them up at night?

What is their dream scenario? 

Customer Avatar Marketing Worksheet

Step 2: Creating Your Avatar

To grow your business, you’ll need to attract leads and convert them into apps and members. Be careful you do not lose touch that every email you collect is a real individual human being and therefore should be treated as so.

To communicate through broadcasts powerfully, you need to figure out what all your leads have in common. That way you can speak directly to them and meet them where they are at.

What are their common fears and frustrations? 

What do they want and desire?

What experiences of life do they have?

What are their common fears, concerns or worries?

Step 3: Preparing for Marketing

Once you have gathered the above information, you can begin to think about how you can position your offer to the customer (lead) in a way that will change their view and opinion of what they believe is ‘true’.

We want to change their view completely and the world’s opinion and their place in it forever. More often than not, people gain insight, then they feel the change and finally take action.


Once you understand this overview and get it right, it becomes the heart of all your communications, marketing, planning, and thinking.

What does your customer believe to be true, but isn’t’?

What are they doing right now to get the outcome they want, but is actually counterproductive for them?

What do they not realise, that if they did realise it would cause them to take a new path and invest in the SFM?

What is the insight that they need to have, that will filter through their beliefs and feelings, leading them to realise that you have the answer, so much, so it compels them to take action?

Step 4: Spotlight on You

It’s fair to say that your marketing will be an extension of you, your beliefs, experiences, stories, and intentions.

Being aware of where you are at as well as your leads is paramount. That way, you can find commonalities and bring that into your messaging to quickly build rapport with your leads.

As it relates to you and your business:

What is your biggest fear or nightmare?

Why do you worry about that?

What else would go wrong if that happens?

What is your ideal outcome or result for your business?

Why do you want this to happen?

What other things would happen this came true?

Negative avatar 

A negative avatar is the profile of a person that you don’t want as a customer. This is also important to know what profiles you are not serving.

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you might have nightmare clients you are trying to avoid. These are the customers who eat away at your time.

Note, this isn’t about looking at personal characteristics, as you did above. Instead, this is about finding common reasons why they don’t match what you have to offer.

Can you find what makes a person, not a good fit for you, based on specific characteristics?

Maybe it’s their objection to high prices. Or their probability of walking away and not being loyal to your brand. Of possibly the long term success rate of becoming a customer.

This is about collecting the right information to make your marketing methods even narrower. And more profitable.

Building an audience from your customer avatar


Once you’ve got a detailed description of your ideal customer profile, you can then use it to create a video script where you’ll be talking to your avatar, exposing them your solution to their problem. With this video, create a campaign in Google Ads. This will enable you to quickly and easily test out your audience size and test your message engagement.

The essential thing to remember with customer avatars is that they need to be based on an individual personality and profile. So you should start by giving them a name and specific age and build out their characteristics and behaviours from this simple starting point using the questions above.

If you need a case study, drop me a message, and I’ll be happy to give a fully detailed customer avatar example.

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