Greg and Fiona Scott – Laptop Lifestyle Experts

Greg and Fiona Scott - Laptop Lifestyle Experts

Since late 2009, Greg and Fiona, with the help of SFM (Six Figure Mentors), teamed up to re-educate, re-skill and reinvent themselves as the Laptop Lifestyle Experts, having leveraged the internet to set up their own successful online business.

They built a lifestyle business to explore, have adventures, and travel the world on their terms.

It’s this lifestyle that permits them the time to give back, help change people’s lives, and champion other corporate workers to question the status quo and open their eyes to the abundant opportunities existing online.

In addition, Greg and Fion are Marketing Mastery Coaches at SFM.

If you, too, want to follow this advice to create a lifestyle on your terms,  you may wish to register for the webinar “LEARN HOW TO MAKE YOUR 10K ONLINE” by clicking here or on the image below.

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