Luke & Brooke – Digital Entrepreneurs’ story

Luke & Brooke - Digital Entrepreneurs
“For the first few months, Brooke and I made between $20-$120 per month in our online business, which definitely wasn’t ideal (to say the least).
Then month 5 came along, and we broke through a wall and made $1,765, which turned everything around for us. We knew we were on the right track, especially at month 7, just two months after our $1,765 month – we hit our first 5-figure month (out of many), pulling in a massive $15,345.
That’s US dollars, by the way. When it is converted back to AUD – it is nearly double. Needless to say, we were delighted with ourselves and actually overwhelmed at what we had accomplished.
And in February 2018, just 15 months after starting our online business, Brooke and I earned $52,030 in one single month.
This isn’t the kind of money we were used to. It was an insane amount for us to earn, and we’re still in awe that we’re able to regularly pull in this kind of money with our online business in less than 3 years of getting started.
Thank God we stuck to the process. Can you imagine if we’d given up at month 4?
So you might be someone who’d be disappointed with earning $20 in the first month of starting your online business…you might be someone who doesn’t want to wait 7 months to earn over $15,000 in a month. How about waiting 15 months to earn over $50,000 a month?
We realised this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This is a business and lifestyle that we were building, and it took nurturing, patience and commitment to achieve the results we were looking for.” – Luke

Hugely inspiring!

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