There are 12 proven and profitable niches that NEVER truly change and will always be profitable for you, whether you’re selling your own products and services OR other people’s as an affiliate – even if you’re a complete beginner.

That’s why I created this guide – to save you a ton of research and confusion about which niches are actually profitable in the long-term. Just swipe any of these unsaturated but proven niches for yourself before your competitors do.

Oh, and this is by no means a list of ALL the profitable niches out there. It’s just a small selection of the niches that have worked well per my knowledge. So your niche could still be profitable if it isn’t listed here.

Industry #1: HEALTH

Niche #1
– Fitness & Weight Loss

The fitness niche is one of the most popular niches in the world, with T$22.4 billion being spent last year alone – and that’s just in the USA!

This niche appeals to both males and females, BUT the difference in their mindset is important.

For example, most men want to move towards pleasure by getting six-pack abs or to build lean muscle, but most women want to move away from pain by losing weight and getting slimmer.

Just keeping this subtle difference in mind will massively increase your sales, as the more specific you can be in your marketing, the better your results will be.

So get started by focusing on just one main goal, then you can always branch out in the future.

Niche #2
– Self-Development / Self-Improvement

Life isn’t all plain sailing, and people go through issues in life all the time. It could be a limiting belief, self-destructive behavior or just not achieving their goals.

Instead of trying to motivate themselves and wait it out until things get better, a lot  of people look online for ways to overcome their personal problems.

That’s why this niche is estimated to be worth $11 billion in the United States alone! You only need to do a Google search for Tony Robbins to see how popular (and profitable) this niche.

There are many different “sub-niches” you could focus on, including Law Of  Attraction or “manifestation”, stop smoking, overcoming grief, and so on, and even “survival”!

The key is to focus on a big, emotionally painful problem people are having and put a solution for that problem in front of them.

Niche #3
– Cure An Illness

Aside from mental barriers to success, people also have physical issues Athat stop them from achieving their goals and living a happy life.

That’s why this niche is insanely popular, as people are always attracted towards solutions for problems they didn’t know they could cure.

A few examples include curing diabetes, erectile dysfunction (ED), improving vision, and similar.

Due to how varied the topics are, it’s tough to get information about seasonal trends that apply to all of them, however this gives us an idea about the overall topic of curing illnesses and physical problems…

The trick to making this niche profitable is focusing on the difficulties the problem introduces into peoples’ lives, e.g. loss of confidence, worries about their future, etc.

Plus, to overcome scepticism, don’t forget to show credible proof that the solution actually works!

The key is to focus on a big problem people are having and put a solution for that problem in front of them.

Niche #4 – Body Enhancement

Everyone loves a good superhero. But what if you could possess superhero powers yourself.

That’s what people in this niche strive to achieve, with topics ranging from gaining more height when jumping, to unlocking specific muscles within the body, to the all-too-common enlargement of a certain male body part, and more.

People always want to improve themselves – especially if it’s a critical part of their life. For example, adding some extra height to a vertical jump would be crucial for a basketball player. See how it works?

Once again, the vast amount of topics have varying seasonal trends, but here they are for a general enhancement-focused search term…

While this is a popular and profitable niche, it isn’t as popular as the other niches within the health industry. So you’ll hit a “glass ceiling” a lot sooner.

Industry #3: WEALTH

Niche #5 – Business Opportunity (“Biz Opp”) / Make Money Online / Work From Home / Internet Marketing

Although it has many names between audiences, this is an increasingly popular niche due to society wanting to leave the standard 9-5 workday behind and earn some income in their spare time.

Most uninformed beginners think this niche is saturated because of the volume of offers in it, but actually the opposite is true.

Thousands of new prospects are joining this niche looking for ways to make money using the Internet on a daily basis.

With so many people struggling with it due to using unproven strategies or following incorrect guidance, there is a massive audience of hungry buyers who need your help.

This niche is heavily focused on monetary results, so to avoid the “catch 22” situation when you’re just getting started (i.e. you can’t teach people how to make money online if you haven’t done it yourself yet), you need to focus on a topic other than getting monetary results, e.g. building a list of subscribers/leads, traffic generation, graphic creation, or anything a typical online entrepreneur would need to get results from their online venture.

Niche #6 – Business Growth

his niche is for the entrepreneurs around the world who want to take their business more seriously, and is classed as Business To Business (B2B).

It usually focuses on products and services helping people to get more website visitors, customers and clients, create better branding, improve their positioning in their marketplace and anything you can think of that relates to growing a successful business – whether it’s online, offline, or both.

As long as there is any kind of economy, there will always be businesses who need help to grow their bottom line.

The key to making this niche work for you is having some kind of structured business education OR success with a previous business, as people like to learn from those who actually know what they’re talking about.

Everything comes down to your prospects’ bottom line, so your focus should always come back around to how your solution can grow their profit.

There isn’t as much of a focus around affiliate marketing in this niche (hence the lack of affiliate pages below), as the typical product line involves a physical book as the entry-level product to generate authority status and positioning in the niche, then live seminars and/or coaching programs to generate the profit.

Niche #7 – Investing

What do people do when they have more money than they know what to do with? They invest it! Whether it’s Forex or stock trading, real estate, cryptocurrencies or anything else related to putting money somewhere to get a larger amount back again, it’s always about having your money work FOR you and seeing a positive return on investment (“ROI”).

This niche has exploded in recent years…

I’m sure the rise of crowdfunding websites and TV shows like Shark Tank have something to do with it!

Similar to the business growth niche, this niche largely consists  of males aged 25-44…

This is a fairly educated crowd, so people like to be fully aware of what they’re investing in, how it works, and have the full picture about what’s going to happen before they invest any of their hard-earned money.

Niche #8 – Asset Protection & Maintenance

People will always have assets such as cars, houses, technology and similar, which means people will always need protection for them.

Sometimes, insurance and legal services are even mandatory (like car insurance, for example).

Not only that, but with great wealth comes great responsibility – *cough*, I mean a credit score – which people are always looking to improve, not to mention financial advisory services to make wiser decisions with their money.

That’s why this niche is BIG one, with the U.S. insurance industry’s net premiums written totaling $1.2 trillion (yes, with a “T”) in 2015 alone – and that was 2 years

The main reason why people buy these services and products is to protect their wealth and minimize their risk. People like the “safety net” that these types of products provide.

It’s a fairly consistent niche, with the only dip in popularity being between December 25th and the new year, when people take time out for the holidays…

It’s also a fairly male-focused niche, with the average prospect being aged between 25-45.

As this niche isn’t focused around information or advice, it would be tough to build a long-term audience around it. That’s why it’s popular with affiliates and CPA marketers, because of the vast number of available offers and short-term nature of the problems within this niche.


Niche #9 – Dating & Seduction

Let’s face it… Dating is hard when you have no idea what you’re doing.  Most people wish they were given a manual to find their perfect partner, but they aren’t – which is why this niche is so popular and profitable.

Pickup artists and dating coaches rule this space, but if you have a working strategy for starting and growing a relationship, this could be very profitable for you.

Niche #10 – Sex / Adult

As the saying goes, sex sells!

With the introduction of dating apps and websites, more people are seeking casual relationships or no-strings-attached (“NSA”) fun with strangers.

Plus, people in relationships are looking to “spice up” their relationship by trying new things in the bedroom, too.

This has bought about a wave of pickup artists who teach people specifically how to “get laid”, along with other “sexperts”. Could you be one of them?

Interestingly, this niche becomes more popular between December 25th to the new year (maybe it’s all the mistletoe?), and also during the summer months.

What’s also interesting is that females seem to be more interested in this niche than males…

… But the younger age groups were predictable.

To succeed in this niche, you could sell physical products to enhance peoples’ sexual experiences, and/or become a “sexpert” who helps people to have more fun in the bedroom.

Niche #11 – Marriage Advice

“I want a divorce …”

When those words echo through your ears, you’re bound to be shook up – especially if you didn’t see it coming. At that point you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get her back (if you truly want to, that is).

Similarly, happy couples who want to stay together forever often seek help to do so, as a successful marriage always takes work and commitment.

That’s why the conversion rates in this niche are higher than normal, as there is a great deal of pain, urgency and commitment associated with the problem people are trying to solve.

The typical products include video courses and e-books to fix the prospects’ mental attitude towards common problems, along with proven steps to resolve any conflict and nurture a better relationship.

As marriage has become less of a staple in modern society, this niche’s huge popularity has been affected very slightly…

However marriage will always be around, and people will always want to save it if they love the person they’re with.

The average age range is 25-44, with a near-equal split between males and females…

To be successful in this niche, the most popular offers focus on the pain of feeling unwanted and the emotions that come with finally having a happy relationship.

Niche #12 – Other Relationships

Something that will never go away is our need to communicate with each other and to be around people we like.

It’s tough to put each of these niches into an overall category, but anything to do with getting along with people is going to be profitable and be around forever.

This could include a focus on networking, parenting, building confidence / overcoming social anxiety, speaking in public, and even
dog training.

Because of the digital society we live in nowadays, in-person communication is becoming less frequent – which is actually a good thing, because it means this niche is becoming more popular due to people no longer knowing how to communicate as well as they used to…

This also makes sense for new parents who need some help.

“So How Do You Make A Huge Profit In ANY Niche?”

Although you now have a choice of 12 niches which will always be profitable, your next steps are to choose your niche based on your own skills, experiences and interests. It doesn’t even have to be from these 12 niches – it can be anything as long as it’s profitable!

After you’ve done this, you need to use a proven system which automatically attracts your perfect prospects and converts them into customers and sales, so you can make a profit and live your ideal lifestyle.

To be shown how to generate niche ideas for your own online business that actually excite you, validate their profitability, then set up your own automated profit-producing website the right way to build a six figure online business without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated, just let us know so that we can help achieve your goal …