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Nota: Workshops are presented by one of my personal mentors and cofounder of SFM, Stuart Ross. I introduce him further below. 

I’ve emailed you with details of how I can help you specifically and how you can build online income streams to start working towards TRANSFORMING your lifestyle using our training, systems and community.

Here below is a special introduction from my personal mentor and business partner, Stuart Ross explaining how you can get started today.


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“So who taught us to build these online businesses?”

Well if you still wanna get more of an idea of who taught me what I know, then you can…

Meet one of my personal mentors and cofounder of SFM, Stuart Ross!

“Welcome! I started my journey into the digital and entrepreneurial world with nothing more than perseverance, a laptop and a dream. 

To date, I’ve created a multimillion dollar lifestyle business in the education and technology industry that I absolutely LOVE. My driving passion is sharing the know-how and mindset that lets others feel the same way.

The reason they call me The Freedom Entrepreneur is because I refused to accept the constraints of traditional employment. Having successfully found a better route, I’m committed to showing others how to live life on their own terms too.”

“Who is this Stuart guy, and what is his company SFM about?”

“Yea I’m still totally sceptical, I’ll probably need to see some actual testimonials…”

Thought you’d never ask 🙂 

It doesn’t matter whether;  

  • You’re working 70 hours a week in a high paying role
  • You’re a single mum
  • English isn’t your first language
  • You’re short of time because you’ve got kids
  • You’ve got practically no tech skills
  • You think it’s too late to start
  • You haven’t the faintest idea where to start
  • You don’t think you have any products, services or skills to offer

Anyone from any background whatsoever can learn the skills it takes to build a business using the internet. Check out below what some customers say. 

Everyone is from entirely different backgrounds and most of them have ended up focusing on building entirely different businesses using the SFM community, training and mentorship to support them. 

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary, I can’t guarantee any results. Please read full disclaimer and privacy policy at the bottom of this page. 

Dan Holloway

Grey & Fiona Scott
Tim Low
Jay Williams
Johnny Bright
Gavin Mclean
Chris Hall
Jay Williams

If you do wanna get started straight away… Then see below

You can submit an application to go ahead and join the SFM community by clicking the button below. 

This application costs $29.95 and comes with a 30 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. 

You can access the foundational training, get fully immersed into SFM’s business platform, speak to a consultant one on one who will help you assess your business goals, and really decide if this support is for you. 

That’s what I also did to start my online business. 

I’m very glad I did.

My advice?

Well, it would be to have a look for yourself, see if it’s for you, then if not just cancel it with the click of a button. It’s super easy.

But hey, don’t tell SFM I told you to do that. That’s just my advice… 😉 

Anyway here’s the link to join if you wanna check them out:

If not that’s totally cool. 

You’ve got the video series to check out for now, and over time I’m gonna be sending you a load more stuff which has massively helped me too. 

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Speak soon,

Fred and Kevin

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