You might be able to drift through life simply knowing how to get a job or how to drive a car, but… will that make you truly happy and fulfilled?

The TRUTH is, if you don’t ‘work on yourself’ from the inside out, life can be a pretty dismal existence.

Doing nothing noteworthy in your life is a horrible mistake. It only leads to a hum-drum, tedious, day-to-day way of being. Especially when changing the way you behave, and how you think of yourself, is incredibly easy to do – it simply takes practice.

We invite you to open your mind to possibility, opportunity, and ability. Because most humans are intelligent, adaptive, and willing to be lifetime learners. Agreed?

So we’ve put together a handy reference list of our top 10 books to transform your life, business and happiness. These books have helped transform us from super high paid corporates to laptop lifestylers. Which means we earn income passively while travelling the world 9 months of each year. NOTE: there’s nothing remarkable about us. We’re ordinary, everyday people – we’ve simply learned how to believe, achieve and succeed.

What follows our top 10 highly recommended, transformational, personal growth books. You must read all 10 books in order to be truly happy, self-fulfilled, and live life on your terms.

Happiness is not something ready-made.
It comes from your own actions.

Dalai Lama

These top 10 books have helped us totally transform our lifestyle, business and relationships in very short period of time:

In our humble opinion, they’re essential reading whether in paperback in or in digital form. (We won’t get into that argument as Greg loves Kindle books and Fiona loves paperbacks). The books are ranked in a progressive order to build your entrepreneurial knowledge, understanding and belief

The Secret 

by Rhonda Byrne

All around the world, The Secret is guiding millions to the life of their dreams. Now, with The Secret Daily Teachings, creator of The Secret Rhonda Byrne takes you through the next vital steps in living The Secret. With 365 brand new insights that build on The Secret’s powerful truths, your knowledge of the law of attraction is about to expand far beyond what you can imagine. More joy, abundance, and blessings – every single day of the year.

Why you need to read this book:

Read a comment of an anonymous reader:

When I first came into contact with this book and with the film, I didn’t want to believe that you can reach by positive thinking everything that you want. I read the book and in the meantime, I thought: Let me apply the Law of Attraction in my life, I have nothing to lose. After a few weeks, it started to become clear to me that through my excited mood, positive attitude and radiant aura I somehow got the things that I had visualized. Incredible, but it works! I am a better person from it and to read the book!

1. Think and Grow Rich

by Napoleon Hill

Number one recommended read of our top 10 books, holds the #1 spot not only because it’s a revolutionary best seller of all time, but because it’s the first book we read to change our belief about the accessibility of success. And millions of others have also become ultra-successful after reading this pivotal book. It’s an influence book and also a personal growth book.

Back in the 1930’s Napoleon Hill interviewed the world’s most successful achievers and analysed the common characteristics which lead to their success. The book is dubbed the “Granddaddy of All Motivational Literature” and is updated for the 21st century so is totally relevant for today.

Why you need to read this book:

Think And Grow Rich lays out your journey to wealth by leveraging the power of personal beliefs, and the role they play in personal success. It instils the mindset required to succeed in everything you do.

You’re encouraged to seek the secret to success, which is progressively revealed in each chapter. You’ll learn how achievement actually occurs, plus a formula for it, which allows an average person to attain success in whatever they put their mind to.

“Anything the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can be achieved” Napoleon Hill

2. The Science of Getting Rich

by Wallace D. Wattles

The step-by-step scientific approach to attracting financial and spiritual wealth. This is the 100-year-old book that inspired Rhonda Byrne’s bestselling The Secret. Explains the precise series of practical steps that, if followed, guarantee prosperity. Reveals the secrets that underlie today’s success and prosperity movements.

The formula for getting rich from a Christian perspective and the inspiration behind Rhonda Byrne’s bestselling book and movie, The Secret. Wallace Wattles concisely shows how to use the power of thought and willpower on the way to getting rich.

Use the Science of Getting Rich to:

  • Think creatively, rather than competitively and how this is one of the keys to becoming wealthy
  • Set yourself on the right course to obtaining wealth
  • Get rich in a ethical way
  • Use positive thinking to obtain your desires
  • Succeed doing what you want to do

Why you need to read this book:

Wattles shows that by focusing only on what your heart desires and believing unconditionally that those things are yours to have, you connect to the Universe which gave you those desires in the first place and intends for you to fulfil them.

His philosophy is at the essence of how we can attain real fulfilment and inner-peace doing what we love. This book will show you exactly how to control your thoughts so you can have the success you were created for.


Kiyosaki shares what he learned from the two key men who impacted his formative years. His real father, a highly educated man who earned a good salary, was financially bereft. Kiyosaki’s other ‘Dad’, his best friend’s father, was a high school drop-out, turned self-made multi-millionaire. His poor dad’s lifelong monetary problems contrasted with the abundant life lead by his rich dad.

This book is timeless and is essential reading for anyone who harbours private or negative attitudes about money. The issues tackled sound complicated, but they’re explained in a way a teenager can understand.

Why you need to read this book:

Sadly, most people don’t know the difference between money and wealth. Or the difference between an asset and a liability. And what those differences mean to you. All is revealed when you invest a few short hours to read this book.

In a nutshell, wealth doesn’t come from the supposed security of a job with a pay packet where you exchange your time for an hourly rate that’s set by someone else. We learned that lesson the HARD WAY when we were laid off from seemingly secure 6 figure jobs. Wealth comes from something that generates money passively, which’ll continue to do so even when you’re not around. So:

  • an online business with high revenues and low costs
  • a property with rent higher than a mortgage and maintenance costs
  • a creative work that brings in royalties

Wealthy people know the difference between an asset and a liability. An asset is anything that generates money and puts money in your pocket, like an online business. A liability is anything that takes money out of your pocket. So things you might think are assets (your home, your car, your expensive sport or hobby kit) are most likely liabilities. The co-authors provide this necessary financial education in a story-like, straight-talking, easy-to-read manner. Please read it TODAY. It truly deserves to be #2 in our top ten books to read.

Tim Ferris tells an entertaining story about how he transitioned from an underpaid office worker, to be among the New Rich (his term). In his simple, sharp, insightful writing style, he explains how to:

  • establish a profitable business step by step
  • build residual (passive) income sources in detail
  • create heaps of free time to be free to do exactly what you want.

It’s one of the most practical business books you can read.

Why you need to read this book:

If you want to escape the 9-5 rat race or want to extricate yourself from the common trap of exchanging your time for money, so you can start to create the life of your dreams, then this book is for you. It provides a fresh approach on how to:

  • reduce your workload to the most essential tasks and become effective at everything you do
  • think differently from most, and WHY common thinking doesn’t serve you
  • start a profitable business (online) without a large investment
  • avoid costly mistakes in business

Tim genuinely wants to help you quit your frustrating circumstances and start living life on your terms – that means: work where you want, how often you want, and with who you want.

4. How To Get Lots Of Money For Anything Fast

by Stuart Lichtman and Joe Vitale

PLEASE don’t judge this book by it’s cover – it’s not as it seems! It’s way more powerful than you can ever imagine!

Consider this introduction from Stuart Lichtman himself:

We’ve never met, but I know a couple of things about you:

[1]          No matter how much money you have now, you also have powerful abilities inside yourself that you are not taking full advantage of (yet)… and…

[2]          If someone told you about a new way to bring in a lot of money quickly – and it was legal and easy to do – you’d want to know more about it.

How do I know these things about you? This knowledge comes from years of experience with tens of thousands of people around the world. All kinds of people. And every one of them had hidden skills and talents they weren’t using nearly as powerfully as they could. What is more, once they knew about a secret (that I will tell you about today), their lives and their fortunes changed for the better – quickly and forever!

Why you need to read this book:

Stuart Lichtman has impressive credentials and delivers a tried and tested, practical, three-step process which can transform your world and bring you all the riches you’ve ever dreamed of (this triggered our spam filters a bit, but also spurred on our reading).

He says:

“I’ve proven this method will work by testing it on 50,000 people. Now you’re going to prove it will work for you.”

So, there you have our top 10 books

. . . that’ll change your life forever, giving you the ability to control your time, finances and freedom.

Start reading, learning and achieving.

To get any of our 10 top books, simply email to either or, it’ll be our pleasure to send you a free soft copy.